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BIG ISLAND HAWAII 4 acres Top of the World VIEWS Nice Cabin
Honolulu, Hawaii, United States - $80,000 USD>> List Your Real Estate For Sale in 3 Easy Steps: Post Ad


Address: 16-2102 Uhini ana rd
Number of Bedrooms: 1
Number of Bathrooms:
Land Size: 2 lots, 2 acres each
Living Area Size: 24' X 28'

Contact Information

Tim Carter
Mobile: 808-769-3439


Ohana (Family) Lots, or Mini-Estate, With Ocean and Mountain Views. Feels like the Top of the world. This property sits very nicely on a hill that seems to be the highest spot for miles in all directions. The two side by side 2 acre lots, have connected house pads in the rear, that are close, but still private. Perfect purchase to share with family or a friend. You can start from scratch, with a generic flat lot, choked with guava, and without any views, or here, you can have a property with a unique character, 2 driveways, 2 house pads, sweet livable cabin, and the "Big Sky" effect of your own little hilltop. The main structure is a 28’x24’ "carport" with three sides; it has an elevated 8’x12’ cedar room, with large screened and shuttered windows. Very nice. The carport also has a bathtub/shower, and a stainless double kitchen sink and countertop, with cold and hot water by way of an propane instant, tankless water heater. It would be easy to make this building into a comfortable little house, and live in it while you build your Hawaii dream home. (This building is not on either of the two house pads). The southern boundary of this property is lined with ironwood trees that help to funnel the trade winds, keeping the breeze fresh. The southern boundary also has a wide straight driveway next to the ironwood trees, perfect access for large trucks. The row of ironwood trees carpets the driveway with needles which keep weeds out and the grass down, also very nice to walk barefoot on. The other lot’s driveway is about in the middle of the two properties, and is narrower, lined with palms, ferns and wild orchids, as it winds its way up to the connected house pads and views. There is a 5000 gallon water catchment tank, which is ready for use with a small solar power system for the water pump; it also powers 12-volt lights and outlets. There is an uncapped cesspool at the edge of the house pad. These two lots truly feel like the “TOP OF THE WORLD,” as the land drops off all around; with complete views of Mauna Kea, and the saddle, and part of Mauna Loa and the ocean, there is absolutely no comparison to generic viewless properties. Also with the hilltop, there is no chance of any flooding issues (ever!) unlike some properties that have instant rivers during times of heavy rain. In addition to the ironwood trees, there are two nice jacaranda trees, a couple of fruiting avocados, a floss silk tree, several eucalyptus, a banyan tree and of course many beautiful ʻohia lehua trees. Also there is a large pile of organic soil ready to be spread for a garden—one which will grow well with the ample sun and rain available here. The elevation is about 1400 feet, which is a very nice balance, not hot, muggy, or buggy, as is often the case at lower elevations. Also not so high that it is too cold or rainy. Phone line is in and electricity is available at the road. It is about three miles from the highway, and one mile off the pavement. So do you have a friend who you’d like to live next to? Or Do you want a wider, more square property with broad views? Or are you looking for a place that is ready to move onto while you build? This could be the right place for you. The land is truly a must see; the carport is built with beautiful ʻOhia posts, and the “Big Sky” effect of the hilltop is the best. This is a really unique and wonderful-feeling place. I would say don’t buy anything without having a look at this! The cedar room is very cozy, with removable screens, and sliding shutters. There is also a fence around the “carport” and yard, so if you have animals or children they will have a nice safe yard to play in. These lots sit very nicely on the hilltop, with the rear of both lots being high enough that you look out over the forest for miles around… all the way to Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa and the ocean. An ocean view on the windward side of the island is a real asset, as you can see what weather is coming your way while it is still a long distance off. Heavily forested lots don’t give you the opportunity to see the weather coming; with only a circle of sky directly above them, there is no clue as to what is coming up the hill until it is arrived. I have owned this property for 28 years, planted all the trees, etc. I am an owner-seller and need a cash offer, asking $80 K or best offer for both lots, including all the improvements and VIEWS. Basically the place is ready to move in. Once again, this property FEELS great, the hilltop location affords great views, cooling breezes, less mosquitoes, and privacy. I am looking to sell my property as soon as possible because I am wanting to be with my aging mom in the mainland A.S.A.P. Yes, there are certainly cheaper per acre properties, but perhaps not any better ones, ready to go, with broad hilltop views, a sweet livable structure, built to code, and many improvements, for a reasonable price. And above all, it has that “top of the world” clean, open, and private feeling. You can see more pictures here. http://www.flickr.com/photos/slothmog/sets/72157624079194775 So please check it out, and make me your best offer! You can reach me at 808-769-3439 anytime. Aloha Tim

Reference ID 1490
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