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Katafanga Island Resort & Spa ( Private Freehold Island)
Koro, Fiji - $17,000,000 USD>> List Your Real Estate For Sale in 3 Easy Steps: Post Ad


Address: 178° 42’ 24.28” W Longitude, 17° 30’ 40.57' S
Number of Bedrooms: 20 Guest Villas (Bures) 1 Main Complex plus employee quarters
Number of Bathrooms:
Land Size: 9,291,871 sqft
Living Area Size: 126,002 sqft

Contact Information

Dream Home Commercial - Robert W
Mobile: 310-995-6073
Telephone: 949-415-4646


1 mile long by 1/3 mile wide (225 Acres) 150 ft. Highest Elevation - 5000 Acre Lagoon, up to 90 ft deep. Clear water, 200 ft. visibility - Island Paradise w/ Existing Structures and Infrastructure 80% Complete - Power Generators , Fuel Storage, Desalination Plant, Airplane Hanger - 1.5 million liter reservoir and Water purification system - Water , Power, Sewage , Internet, Fuel ALL Underground - 20 Air Conditioned Water Front Guest Villas - 40,000 Sq.Ft. Main Complex w/ Spa, Conference Rooms, Restaurant, Wine Celler - 3400 Ft. expandable Runway, Luxury Yacht Jetty, Paved Roads - 9 Hole Golf Course designed by Jack Nicholas Resort Courses - Architectural Design by Architects of Euro and Florida Disney - 1 Hour Flight from International Airport - A sechluded paradise... yet close to neighboring Islands - Pristine Northern Lau Island Group - Friendly Local Peoples - Lagoon can cultivate Black Pearls in addition to other water recreation - Jungle, White Sand Beaches and 9 Natural Caves - Ultimate get-away for Watersports , Relaxation and Holliday -Regional Tourism Expansion in: Hospitality and proposed Gaming Resort and Spa Corporate Entities, Plans and Permits, ALL APPROVED - 10 Year minimum Tax Holiday and numerous other Tax Concessions - FREEHOLD Island (Private Ownership) w/ Unencumbered Title -Local Airline can be Acquired as well - Existing Resort or Private Compound or Subdivided Share for Multiple Investors - A One-of-a-Kind Island which offers Everything.

Reference ID 7971
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