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Pico Island, Azores - Two storey villa with seawater swimming pool
Pico Island, Azores, Portugal - $410,000 USD>> List Your Real Estate For Sale in 3 Easy Steps: Post Ad


Address: Furna, Santo Antonio, Sao Roque do Pico, Azores
Number of Bedrooms: 5
Number of Bathrooms: 4
Land Size: 220 sqm (2370 sqft)
Living Area Size: 188 sqm (2024 sqft)

Contact Information

Pedro Leal


The two story + mezzanine was designed to grant a high level of privacy and a strong relationship with the Atlantic Ocean. Built a stone’s throw away from the Atlantic Ocean, the villa is located at a unique location called Furna. Despite its closeness to the island rocky cliffs, it is protected from occasional mid-Atlantic rough seas by two wonderful rocky islets which not only grant full protection from rough seas but create a magnificent swimming and diving bay during calm glassy waters. From April to September the two rocky islets offer a privileged show of natural life as they are a nesting area by Common and Roseate terns (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roseate_tern). Given its uniqueness and natural life-privileged site, Furna is a designated Special Protection Area. The villa is built where it used to be a boat warehouse and it kept many of its external features. The building façades kept, as much as possible, its previous look of a traditional basalt stone house. On the Inner side of the basalt stone shell, there is a modern reinforced concrete-structure building. Within the lot premises there is a patio and a seawater pool at a slightly higher level. The pool is easily filled with sea water by a set of pumps and therefore the water does not require any treatment, enabling a year-round sea water enjoyment. On the ground floor there is a living room with a fireplace and a fully equipped kitchen. In addition, there is social toilet, two bedrooms (one en suite). On the mezzanine level we can also find a toilet, two bedrooms and a storage area (as seen on the video). Heading upstairs to the first floor, there is a 50sqm (538sqft) living room combined with an American-style kitchen and a balcony facing the ocean. On this floor you will also find a master bedroom suite (with closet). For More Photos and info click here

Reference ID 8360
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